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Holly L. Thomas

My editing helps ready your writing for the world.   

My poems delve into matters of nature and spirit.

My articles chronicle my travels as a gregarious hermit.    

My paintings and drawings play with pattern, color, and iridescence.      

About me

With 35+ years of professional experience, I edit everything from websites to social media feeds, tech company promos to children's books, novels to how-to's, and book proposals to printers' proofs. I help clients clearly convey what they want to convey—in their own style.  


Based on my book, Pluck Another Apple, Eve, And Finish ItI received an Emerging Poets award from the Allied Arts Foundation in 2020. My second collection is forthcoming. I share adventures and poems-in-progress on Substack as Travels of A Gregarious Hermit.  

I use drawing, painting, and mixed media to balance and my word-mind and venture beyond its frontiers.


As soap and water replace holy water,

let us bless them.

As we wash, 

let counting seconds

be holy too.

As celebrants wash their hands before a ritual,

let our hands summon us

to presence 

over and over and over and over again—

prayer wheels,

permanently attached

at the wrists.

—From Corona

© 2020


Contact me

If you'd like to connect, email me at

and be sure to include

EDITING in the Subject line.

Shimmer, iridescent watercolor on wood, by Holly L. Thomas
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