Holly L. Thomas

As an editor, 

I help you get your writing ready for the world.   

As a poet, 

I give language to wonder and discovery.      

As an artist,

I try to map trails my words haven't walked.  

About me

I have 30+ years of writing and editing behind me, including 16 as a technical editor for Microsoft Office and 13 as a land use and environmental planner.

I've edited websites, blogs, how-to articles, novels, memoirs, book proposals, workbooks, presentation decks, children's books, and community master plans. I also help clients plan their website content strategy and overhaul bloated sites.

My book, Pluck Another Apple, Eve, And Finish It, was published in 2019 by Sun Portal Press. In 2020 I received an Emerging Poets award from the Allied Arts Foundation. Book #2 is in the works. I also paint, draw, and work with mixed media.  

As soap and water replace holy water,

let us bless them.

As we wash, 

let counting seconds

be holy too.

As celebrants wash their hands before a ritual,

let our hands summon us

to presence 

over and over and over and over again—

prayer wheels,

permanently attached

at the wrists.

—From Corona


Contact me

If you need an editor, email me at   

htwordplay@msn.com and include

EDITING in the Subject line.

Shimmer, iridescent watercolor on wood, by Holly L. Thomas