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About my writing 

I believed as a child that spirituality and science would someday realize they were focused on the same thing, the way opposite ends of a bridge support the same crossing. We are living that “someday” now, especially in the realms of physics, cosmology, healing, and consciousness. That's the realization—the crossing—I most often explore. The view from that bridge is amazing.   

I usually write about consciousness: mine, the Absolute’s (by whatever name you choose), nature’s, collective humanity's, and individual people’s. What we are, perceive, and believe, and the stories we live.

Overheard snippets of conversation inspire me as much as ideas and experiences do—especially unlikely juxtapositions or words surfaced in moments that, to paraphrase Seamus Heaney, “catch my heart off guard and blow it open.” Serendipitous eavesdropping often brings me the key to describing ideas or insights I’ve been puzzling over. When I’m in a dry spell, it’s usually because I’ve unconsciously turned off that “poetry ear.” I switch it back on and practice listening again, and ideas come, poem seeds or sometimes other forms. 

In sharing my work, I hope to help people appreciate what I perceive as fundamental facts: life’s details matter; consciousness confers on us a responsibility to pay attention; our capacity for wonder is a gift of incalculable worth; and life, though here I should capitalize that as LIFE, perceives and somehow responds to every gesture of attention and respect. 

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