Is your work ready for the world to see?

Does it say what you mean?

Is it concise?





  • Rewriting and revising   

  • Line editing (improving) 

  • Copy editing (cleaning up)

  • Proofreading (final corrections)

  • Coaching

  • Websites, blogs, articles, books

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Why work with an editor?

If you write professionally, you probably already know why. Otherwise, read on. 


Let's say you’ve written something that you want to publish and your intimate circle of colleagues or family or friends have assured you that it’s ready to go. It isn’t.

A professional editor notices what you and your friends won't. She suggests changes and clarifications they might not suggest because they’re too familiar with you or your writing—changes and clarifications that will make whatever you've written significantly better. 


Types and stages of editing

Why work with me

No two editors are identical. I love trimming excess verbiage, making dull prose lively, and fixing things that don’t make sense from the viewpoint of the goal or plot. Because I have a poet’s ear, I’m sensitive to the rhythms and music of language. That means I enjoy helping writers make their work a pleasure to read. I also have an inherited ability to simultaneously query the big picture and track the myriad details. (Thank you, Mom and Dad)

What my clients say

Why work with you?

Writers usually find me via word-of-mouth and professional referrals, thanks to an amazing network of friends and colleagues. My clients are creative, curious, energized, thoughtful, observant, and smart. They're awake. They're up to something intriguing. And they value collaboration. 

If that sounds like you on a good day and you’d like to talk with me about your project, get in touch.  

To explore how I might be able to help you, email me at: Please include EDITING in the Subject line.

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